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espresso hotel EN

espressoHOTEL espressoHOTEL espresso 4 TWISTER BOX TAYMAR COUNTER SINGLE TWBA6 TYC110 twister box A6, 1pc taymar counter single A6, 1pc 1 6 TWBA5 TYC160 TWBA4 TYC230 twister box A5, 1pc taymar counter single A5, 1pc twister box A4, 1pc taymar counter single A4, 1pc 2 7 3 8 art. TWBA61 COMPACT SOISTES SOCC3A4 compact 3xA4, 1pc4 SOCC4A4 compact 4xA4, 1pc5 5 4 300mm 300mm 1140mm 1745mm A4 art. SOCC3A44 90° 60° 30° 0° METAL DROP FMD50 metal drop ø50mm, 1pc10 FMD100 metal drop ø100mm, 1pc11 art. FMD50V1110 V1 V5V3V2 V6V4 V7 V11V9V8 V12V10 V13 V15V14 V16 * * art. TY4C1609 hotelPLUShotelPLUSPLUS art. TYC1106 can be used vertically or horizontally, for A6, A5 and A4 formats. counter display for catalogues, brochures or leaflets TWISTER BOX freestanding and stable floor display for brochures, with 3 trays freely adjustable in height and inclination. floor display COMPACT SOISTES self-adhesive tags with 3D lens effect and an elegant metallic look. signage METAL DROP for A6, A5 and A4 formats. four brochures trays for format A5. counter display TAYMAR COUNTER SINGLE multiple counter display TAYMAR COUNTER MULTI