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espresso hotel EN

espressoHOTEL espressoHOTEL espresso 22 SPFL150150 SPC150150 SPFR150150 150x150mm, 1pc1 1 1 (*V115 - V19) * * * A B C 37,50€ art. SPFL150150V161 50mm 11mm 107mm 50mm 107mm 50mm 1 150mm 150mm V15 V19V17V16 V18 elegant and first class: silk screen prints on tempered glass, support made of silver plated die-cast metal. please make sure that the safety icons meet your national laws. product comes already assembled, so please check escape directions for your correct ordering of images and mounting versions. double side flag sign SAFEPIX FLAG FOR WALLS AND CEILINGS ALWAYS BE ON THE SAFE SIDE!