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espresso hotel EN

espressoHOTEL espressoHOTEL espresso 19 art. DCR500 art. DCTA6 1 6 DA CAPO RAIL DA CAPO CONTAINERDCR500 DCTA6 dacapo rail 500mm, 1pc container A6, 1pc 1 5DCR1000 DCTA5DCR1500 DCTA4DCR2000 dacapo rail 1000mm, 1pc container A5, 1pcdacapo rail 1500mm, 1pc container A4, 1pcdacapo rail 2000mm, 1pc 2 63 74 container A4, 1pc art. LUMOA48 LUMO LUMOA4 lumo A4, 1pc8 LUMO700500 lumo 700x500mm, 1pc9 ® hotelPLUShotelPLUSPLUS wall rail with a double function: for single sheets, especially large format like maps or plans, and brochure trays. trays of different sizes made of scratch and shock resistant polycarbonate, for easy insertion. wall rail DA CAPO RAIL brochure trays DA CAPO CONTAINER FOR SINGLE SHEETS led light panel for eye catching promotions or stylish ambience images. we recommend backlit prints for perfect performances. print on request. led light panel LUMO EXCELLENT ILLUMINATION WITH LED STYLISH LOOK we provide quick exchange frames with similar design also without lighting ask us, we are happy to assist you! MAGNEDOOR SLIM ELEGANT WALL DISPLAY OUR TIP: WELLNESS/FITNESS/SPA